Why did my portfolio import partially? Only some of my brokerage accounts were added.

George -

If you own multiple accounts with one brokerage, a few accounts may import immediately, while the remaining may completely import over the span of a few hours. We're currently working to eliminate this delay time.

If waiting does not resolve the problem for you, please send an email to support@sigfig.com with the subject "Partial import" and include the answers to the following questions:

1. Do you use the same login to sign into the accounts that are importing and those that are not? (If you use different logins to sign into these accounts, please add a separate account into your SigFig Portfolio using this other login.)
2. How many accounts are not importing successfully and how many are not?
3. What type of accounts (e.g. IRA, 401k) are not importing successfully?
4. Does this account contain any type of securities, if so what are the tickers?
5. What url do you use to log in to this account online? (e.g. https://trading.scottrade.com/default.aspx)
6. If you use Quicken software or mint.com, are you able to successfully import your account there?

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