How do you design a portfolio for me?

George -

We take your appetite for risk and design a portfolio that we believe matches your risk level. Everything is based on our Methodology (which you can read about here), but you can get a quick look at how we would set something up for you here.

1. Log into your SigFig account and go to the Guidance tab at the top of the screen. 


2. On the Guidance tab, click "Take the Risk Questionnaire" to start the process. If you have already taken the questionnaire you can retake it here and also view your current risk level.


3. After this, you will be given a short risk questionnaire. Answer the questions honestly and we will be able to gauge approximately where you fall in risk level. We will display this full information once the questionnaire is completed. If you disagree with the results, feel free to change the risk level manually to see other allocations. You are never locked into a single risk level and can change at any time. 


4. When you are done press "Confirm Optimal Portfolio" and the information will display on the Guidance tab for your perusal. 


From here, if you are interested in Asset Management, feel free to sign up directly on the site or have a chat with our financial consultant if you still have some questions. You can set up a time for a free phone appointment by clicking here



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