How to create a Synced Portfolio

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A Synced portfolio is a type of portfolio that will link our site directly to your brokerage. It will not sign you up for any sort of management, but it will display your up to date data directly on our site. For example, if you were to trade 200 shares of your favorite stock, you will see the change appear on our website as well as on the brokerage website. 


Step 1:

Setting up a linked portfolio is easy. Just sign into SigFig and go to your "Holdings" tab at the top of the screen. 


Step 2:

From here, you can select the brokerage you would like to add. You can either select from one of the brokerages available, or search from the full list using the search bar in the center of the screen. 


(If you cannot find your brokerage on our list, then you may need to create the portfolio manually while we work on getting your brokerage added. Simply follow the instructions here on how to create a manual portfolio.)


Step 3:

Enter in the requested brokerage information and press "Sync Brokerage Account". Please note that some brokerages may require information that is different from the normal user ID and password you use on the site. Make sure you enter in the correct information or the account may not link. 


Step 4:

You will be taken back to the main page and our system will begin pulling the data to your account. 

Once the account is added, the page should refresh and you will see your synced account on the "Holdings" page. 


If you run into any problems, check out how to trouble shoot here or talk to us here at SigFig. You can either live chat with us directly on the Asset Manager or Report Card tabs, or you can call us at 855-9SIGFIG. 

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