What securities do you use?

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At each of our custodians, we start with a primary set of ETFs (the same set of ETFs in our regular portfolios) and utilize a set of secondary ETFs with similar, but not identical risk profiles.

Below is a table of our primary and secondary ETFs (secondary in parentheses).

  Broker ETF ETF
US Bonds TD Ameritrade AGG SCHZ
  Fidelity AGG SCHZ
  Schwab SCHZ AGG
Short Term Treasuries TD Ameritrade SHY SCHO
  Fidelity SHY SCHO
  Schwab SCHO SHY
Emerging Market Debt TD Ameritrade PCY EMB
  Fidelity EMB PCY
  Schwab PCY EMB
US Municipal Bonds TD Ameritrade MUB TFI
  Fidelity MUB TFI
  Schwab TFI MUB
US Equity TD Ameritrade VTI IWB
  Fidelity ITOT IWB
  Schwab SCHB SCHX
Developed Market Equity TD Ameritrade VEA IEFA
  Fidelity IEFA VEA
  Schwab SCHF IEFA
Emerging Market Equity TD Ameritrade VWO IEMG
  Fidelity IEMG VWO
  Schwab SCHE IEMG
Real Estate TD Ameritrade VNQ IYR
  Fidelity FREL IYR
  Schwab SCHH VNQ
TIPS TD Ameritrade TIP  
  Fidelity TIP  
  Schwab SCHP TIP
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