How to create a Manual Portfolio

Megan Crowley -

To monitor your investments in all of your different brokerage accounts, you can start by creating a manual account. To do so, tap on the "Settings" tab on the bottom of your screen. 



From here, tap on the "Accounts" tab of your app. 




From here, you can tap the + sign in the lower right to add in a portfolio.


Tapping the + sign will bring up a list of brokerages for you to select. To create a manual portfolio, go to search glass and type "Manual" and tap on "Add A Portfolio Manually" 



After you press "Add A Portfolio Manually", just follow the steps below. Enter a portfolio name, enter in any cash in the account, then press the "Add New Holdings" to start entering in tickers, shares, and the total cost. 


When you are done, just press Save in the upper right and the portfolio will be added to your list. If you ever run into any trouble along the way, please always feel free to send us an email at with any questions you may have. 

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