What if I only want SigFig to manage a portion of my portfolio?

George -

If you would, you can set your Managed Account so that SigFig will only manage a portion of the funds in the account. 

To do so, start on your Managed tab that you can find in the bottom right hand corner of your overview screen.



If this is your first Managed account, you can use the "Get Started Now" in the bottom right corner. Or, if you already have a managed account, please click on the + sign in the upper left. 


After this, you can select the account you would like partially managed. 

When you tap a bank account, it will ask if you would like the full account managed or just a portion of it. Tap "Just a Portion" to continue.


Finally, you will see all of the holdings and cash in the account. You can uncheck any holdings you do not want managed and alter the cash amount to what you would prefer SigFig to manage. 

After that, continue with the sign up flow normally and paperwork will automatically be provided via the app. 

If you run into any problems along the way, please feel free to email us at premier-support@sigfig.com


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