What does SigFig do to protect my information and keep it safe?

George -

At SigFig, one of our goals is to provide our customers with strong security, privacy policies and tools that you can trust. Any information that you provide to SigFig, or that SigFig collects, will be safely stored and protected by our tried and tested security tools and experts who work around the clock to protect your information. When you sign in to your SigFig Account, we turn on 256-bit SSL encryption—the same level your bank or brokerage uses--for you by default to protect your information from being snooped on by others.

 At SigFig, we know that part of keeping your data safe is making sure it is always available to you when you want it. We work hard to make SigFig the best service you can rely on, with security and privacy features that are on 24-7 and working for you.

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