What funds do the managed accounts use?

George -

Great question. First off, let's talk about cost. The average expense ratio on our funds is 0.15%, well below industry average.

While our fund lineup will change periodically, here are our current fund lineups at each supported brokerage with the respective asset class in parentheses:


Fidelity: TIP (Treasury Inflation Protected Security), AGG (US Bonds), SHY (Short Term Treasuries), EMB (Emerging Market Debt), MUB (US Municipal Bonds), ITOT (US Equity), IEFA (Developed Market Equity), IEMG (Emerging Market Equity), and FREL (Real Estate)

TD Ameritrade: IPE (Treasury Inflation Protected Security), SPAB (US Bonds), SPTS (Short Term Treasuries), EMB (Emerging Market Debt), MUB (US Municipal Bonds), SPTM (US Equity), SPDW (Developed Market Equity), SPEM (Emerging Market Equity), and USRT (Real Estate)

Schwab: SCHP (Treasury Inflation Protected Security), SCHZ (US Bonds), SCHO (Short Term Treasuries), PCY (Emerging Market Debt), TFI (US Municipal Bonds), SCHB (US Equity). SCHF (Developed Market Equity), SCHE (Emerging Market Equity), and SCHH (Real Estate)

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