How to sign up for Portfolio Management

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We make it easy to sign up for Management directly from the app.

The app itself can walk you through all of the steps. To get started, just tap the Manage Icon in the upper center of your screen.

Here, you can check out a little more information about our system and press "Get Started" when you are ready begin. Browse some details about our managed accounts and watch our informational video on exactly what we can do for you. If you prefer to speak to someone on the phone first, you can always call us separately at 855-9SIGFIG if you prefer. 

Once you hit "Get Started", we will start by learning a little more about you. Fill out our risk questionnaire to the best of your knowledge. Try to be honest so we can find out what kind of investor you are. Once you have finished, we will display the risk profile that we would recommend (based on your answers). 

You can adjust your risk level by sliding the risk slider bar to the left or to the right. This will adjust your portfolio and show you how the allocations will change. You can change your risk level anytime, even after your portfolio is set up and investing. 

Tap the red checkmark when you are ready to proceed. 

On the next page, choose the account you would like to manage from what you have linked to your portfolio by tapping your selection. 


Now, if you only wish a portion to be managed, select "All" on the window that appears. 


After this, you will be in the paperwork section. Our system will ask a series of questions regarding the type of account you are creating, your name, personal information, etc. All of this will be used to generate the paperwork at the very end of the set up process. 

Once the paperwork is signed through Docusign, it will be submitted directly to the brokerage. After this is completed, there is nothing more you need to do for now! We will start the process with the paperwork and get the ball rolling on your account. 

And if anything seems to be going wrong, always feel free to give us a call at 855-9SIGFIG or email at 

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