How to link a Brokerage Account

Megan Crowley -

To monitor your investments in all of your different brokerage accounts, you can start by linking an account. To do so, tap on the "Settings" tab on the top of your screen.



From here, tap on the "Accounts" tab from your app. 


From here, you can tap the + sign in the bottom right to add in a portfolio.


Tapping the + sign will bring up a list of brokerages for you to select. If you do not see your brokerage, try searching for it. If your brokerage is not supported yet, we apologize as we constantly working to add more brokerages as we grow. Feel free to let us know what you are looking for


Once you have selected your portfolio, just follow the instructions and enter in the proper credentials. This will link your portfolio so it will update whenever there is a change on the brokerage side. 




If you have any issues, please feel free to let us know at

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