What do you invest in?

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Our primary goal is to build a properly diversified portfolio for you at the lowest cost using funds with a 0.15% expense ratio on average.

To do this, we identified six key asset classes that have the biggest impact on investment returns and let us diversify your portfolio on two levels: security-level diversification by investing in asset class ETFs and market diversification by providing exposure to many different markets across asset classes.

We invest you in commission-free index-based ETFs from Vanguard, iShares, and Schwab. These widely-held, seasoned ETFs are broadly diversified within each asset class we focus on: US-based stocks, US-based bonds, developed (non-US) and emerging market stocks, real estate, and short-term US Treasury securities. You can learn more about ETFs and how we invest here.

While our fund lineup will change periodically, these are our current fund lineups at each brokerage we support:

Fidelity: TIP (Treasury Inflation Protected Security), AGG (US Bonds), SHY (Short Term Treasuries), EMB (Emerging Market Debt), MUB (US Municipal Bonds), ITOT (US Equity), IEFA (Developed Market Equity), IEMG (Emerging Market Equity), and FREL (Real Estate)

Schwab: SCHP (Treasury Inflation Protected Security), SCHZ (US Bonds), SCHO (Short Term Treasuries), PCY (Emerging Market Debt), TFI (US Municipal Bonds), SCHB (US Equity). SCHF (Developed Market Equity), SCHE (Emerging Market Equity), and SCHH (Real Estate)

Questions? Email us at premier-support@sigfig.com, call our direct line at 1-855-9-SIGFIG option 1 to have a complimentary chat with our financial consultant, or schedule your appointment by clicking here.


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